Academic rigor is an important component of any Study Abroad program, and students should select a program that will match their academic pursuits. The Baylor Study Abroad office encourages students to work closely with both their academic adviser and Study Abroad adviser before, during, and after studying abroad to ensure all academic matters are handled correctly.

Students, academic advisers, and Study Abroad Advisers all play key roles in the study abroad process. Please review the information in this section to learn more about the responsibilities of each group.

Student Role in Academics Abroad 

You are the key person in planning for your study abroad experience! Keep these things in mind throughout the process. 

Study Abroad Course Planning Tool

Use this tool to research courses and discuss your academic plan with your academic adviser to better understand how studying abroad will fit into your degree requirements.

Working With Your Academic Adviser

The course selection process can be difficult to navigate, as students have to go between their study abroad adviser and academic adviser. This section will explain the role of academic advisers in the study abroad process so that students understand what questions they should be asking and be prepared for each advising session. 

Working with Your Study Abroad Adviser

This section will explain the role of the study abroad, advisers, in the process so that students understand what questions they should be asking and are generally well-prepared for each advising session.

Course Equivalency Process

Before the Registrar can post grades from your time abroad, we must have a Baylor course number established for each course you took. The course equivalency process is the manner in which we have your abroad courses reviewed for Baylor course numbers. It involves obtaining course information from you, the student, and having it evaluated by the appropriate Baylor academic department. The process must be completed through the Study Abroad office. Students are not able to graduate from Baylor until the course equivalency process is complete for all courses taken abroad. You should begin this process before going abroad and expected to see your courses and grades within 2-4 months of receiving your transcript.


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