Will I be Approved?

A student's approval for a particular program depends on a variety of factors. Since each program has its own set of academic and admission standards, students should investigate the requirements of their desired programs before applying.

Keep in Mind
  • Students may not be able to study abroad while on probation through the Office of Student Conduct
  • Applications can be deferred. Email studyabroad@baylor.edu for details.
  • Applications are evaluated on an individual basis. Baylor Study Abroad will not guarantee requests to study abroad with friends
  • Even if Baylor Study Abroad Abroad approves a student's application, this does not guarantee that they will be accepted by the host institution or program 
Program Pre-Requisites 
  • Minimum GPA
    • Varies by program; Baylor Study Abroad requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 which should be achieved at the time of application.
  • Minimum Class Standing
    • Must be Sophomore standing with 2 semesters on campus logged or transfer student
    • Based on credits earned
    • Varies by program; generally, Baylor Study Abroad requires a minimum of 30 credits of college-level coursework to be completed (or rising sophomore status) prior to the study abroad program start; some programs may have a higher-class standing requirement.
  • Minimum Age Requirement 
    • None, Students under 18 must submit separate paperwork
  • Language Requirement
    • Some programs require a certain level of language study
  • Department-Specific Programs
    • Some programs are only open to students from specific departments
Other Factors
  • Program Capacity
    • Varies by program
    • Exchange programs have a limited number of spots and are very competitive
  • Electronic Recommendations
    • It is important to select a recommender who is familiar with you and knows you plan to study abroad
    • Don’t forget to give your recommender plenty of notice to complete your recommendation – at least 2 weeks
  • Baylor Study Abroad Application Questionnaire
    • Your answers need not be long but should be thoughtful
    • Make sure you convey your desire to study abroad on the program you have specifically chosen

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