Types of Programs

  • Winter: Two to three weeks
  • Summer: four to six weeks
  • Semester: 12 to 16 weeks; does not always follow Baylor's semester schedule
  • Academic Year: anywhere from seven months to an entire year abroad


  • Exchange programs are often, though not always, the least expensive options.
  • Students from Baylor and the host institution are exchanged, typically on a one-to-one basis.
  • Exchange programs have the most competitive admissions process.
  • Each student will enroll as an international student at a host university.
  • Baylor students are fully integrated with local students.
  • Housing is often acquired by the student independently or in cooperation with the host university's international office.
  • Affiliate programs are often organized by educational organizations such as CIEE, SAI, or FIE (note: not all programs on these sites are approved by Baylor). 
  • The program fee often includes housing, field trips, and some meals.
  • Affiliates provide on-site staff to assist students.
  • Baylor students may be less integrated with local students; courses usually taken with other U.S. students.
  • Many programs offer homestays as one housing option.
  • Programs organized and led by a Baylor faculty member.
  • Courses are taken with Baylor students only.
  • Many programs typically focus on a single theme or academic discipline.
  • Some programs are only open to students in specific majors.
  • Many programs are offered during the summer; some semester options are available. 

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