Before Going Abroad
  • Carefully read and save ALL the emails and materials we and our partners provide you. Consider creating a special study abroad folder in your email account to file away important emails that you may need to retrieve later.
  • Work directly with our office whenever possible, and resist recruiting or allowing your parents to take care of matters for you. After all, you are the one who is studying abroad, not your parents! You can navigate the Baylor systems better than they can, and in many cases, we are not at liberty to share information with them about your situation out of respect for federal privacy restrictions.
  • Practice pro-active information-seeking. Voice your concerns to program directors well in advance, instead of waiting for us to anticipate all your individual needs and questions. If after having reviewed your program materials and emails you still can't find the answers to your questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  • While a student conduct record or current probation might not automatically disqualify you from studying abroad, we do refer to several offices across campus to create a full application file for each applicant. Please be mindful that it is up to the program director of each study abroad program to review all applicable information. Please contact your potential program director should you have questions about your individual case.
  • If you are studying abroad, you must have a valid passport. It can take up to 6 months for a new passport
After Going Abroad
  • Remember to send us your contact information via email,, as soon as you arrive at your host university. Please send your address, new cell phone number, and any other information that has changed from the information you put on your Study Abroad Application Packet.
  • This step is VERY important - if you ADD or DROP a class while abroad, you MUST notify our office as soon as possible via email. If are adding a class and have not had the course approved, you will need to contact the department chair of the course to have the course approved. Also, if you drop a class, make sure that it does not put you below full-time student status.
  • If you are studying abroad for a semester, you will be registering yourself for the term you will be returning to Baylor. This will be done as normal, according to your assigned registration time. You will need to contact your academic advisor to have all of your flags removed before you will be able to register.
  • Make sure to send us links to your online blogs or photo albums to keep us up to date with what you have going on abroad. Our office loves to keep up with your travels and adventures. Also, keep your eyes peeled for good pictures you take abroad that you can submit for the Photo Contest!

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