Choosing a Program

Not sure which study abroad program is right for you? Take these tips into consideration while you explore your options!

Consider Which Type of Program Interests You:

Would you like to go for a semester, year, or summer? A semester or year program offers the opportunity for a more immersive experience than you may get on a short-term program. There are both, group semester programs and independent semester programs, students can choose from. How about an internship? You can take courses and take a for-credit internship in your country of study.  Baylor works with partners who connect students with internship opportunities in their area of interest and study for either a summer or semester to earn 3-6 credits.  Our Baylor students have interned in the UK, Chile, Australia, and Czech Republic (to name a few!) 

Academic Interests


  • Which courses you need to graduate and which ones you can take while abroad.
  • Work with your academic advisor to come up with a list of courses you can take abroad to stay on track.
  • Then bring that list to your study abroad advisor to help determine which programs make the most sense for you!
Personal Interests

Ask Yourself:

  • What do I want to get out of studying abroad? 
    • Do I want to learn a language?
    • Do I want to be able to easily travel to many different places?
    • Do I want to be in a big city or a smaller city/town?
    • Do I want to experience what it is like to attend a large university in another country?
  • What level of support/independence do I want while abroad?
    • Do I want to go abroad with only other Baylor students?
    • Do I want to go abroad with a Baylor faculty member?
    • Do I want to take courses directly enrolled at a local University?


  • What do you want out of this experience, not your classmates or others?
  • Talk to other students who have gone abroad to make an informed choice.
  • Choose the program that best fits your personality and interests. 
Professional Goals 

Ask Yourself: 

  • What skillset am I looking to gain by studying abroad? 
  • Should I do an internship while being abroad? 
  • What other clubs or orgs do I want to look into abroad?


  • Studying abroad is a good time to build your networks. Networking with new people on your program, at your host institution, and that you meet during your time abroad can help you to build a network of contacts as you move into your future career. 
  • Some of our semester-long programs offer an academic internship option. Completing an internship while abroad is a great way to gain professional experience in a global society. 
  • Start thinking about the soft skills you develop while studying abroad and how you can hone those in your program. Soft skills include things like intercultural communication, adaptability, and problem-solving. 
Window shop

Explore Programs. Search by discipline, term, or location, and get excited! Don't worry about making any final decisions at this stage, just get an idea.

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