Why Global Scholars

The Baylor University Global Scholars Program is a unique four-year educational and professional development opportunity. It is designed to provide students with various cultural perspectives for a robust academic, social, and service experience to build networks with other students, faculty, and alumni from around the world. Through a combination of coursework, research, internships, experiential learning, and interaction with leaders in the global community, Baylor Global Scholars will develop as global citizens with the skills and knowledge base necessary to thrive in an increasingly global workforce. As a Global Scholar, you will travel and study abroad, undertake undergraduate research with a faculty mentor, and serve in local and global communities.  Along with your degree, you will also earn the Certificate in Global Engagement. As a Global Scholar, you will be immersed in a diverse mix of experiences and traditions that provide a unique and rich lens through which to focus your major studies and your future career plans.


Year Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer
1st Year Dublin, Study Abroad Baylor, Waco Campus  
2nd Year Faculty Mentor Faculty Mentor  
3rd Year Second international experience / Undergraduate Research (Fall, Spring, or Summer)
4th Year Undergraduate Research Present Research  
Freshmen Year

Your freshman year will begin in Dublin, Ireland, where you will engage in an immersive semester abroad filled with opportunities for experiential learning, service, and development of the framework for your four years as a Global Scholar. Classes are taught by a blend of local university professors and your Baylor Faculty Director.

Your spring semester will continue back on the Waco campus, taking a cohort class with your Global Scholars Faculty Director. In addition, Global Scholars will be introduced to the Certificate in Global Engagement program. Lastly, you will be encouraged to live in the Baylor & Beyond Living-Learning Center Baylor’s comprehensive and intentional community where residents learn with and from each other, encourage and support academic success, embrace the culture of Baylor University, and broaden their cultural understanding.

Sophomore Year

Your sophomore year students will be encouraged to live in the Baylor & Beyond Living-Learning center. You will also be paired with a faculty mentor in your major area of study to help guide your academic and career goals. In line with the goals of the program and as part of earning the Certificate in Global Engagement, Scholars will be required to take at least one course during their Sophomore or Junior year that enhances their global knowledge and cultural competencies. You will also be encouraged to volunteer as peer mentors for the following year’s Global Scholars. Other opportunities will include group community service, special seminars, and counseling on post-graduate options exclusively for students in the program.

Junior Year

As part of your global studies, you will again travel abroad during your Junior year. Your destination will be based on your academic focus and career goals, as well as your desired location of study. This travel experience can be an internship, community engagement, mission trip, group or individual study abroad, or research activity. This can be conducted during the fall, spring, or summer. Global Scholars will also work with their faculty mentors to identify a research topic connected to one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Senior Year

In your final year as a Global Scholar, you will enjoy networking opportunities with global professionals. In addition, you will participate and present your global research at Scholars Week during the Spring semester. Finally, come graduation, you and your cohort will be recognized for your accomplishments as Baylor University Global Scholars, as well as receiving cords and a signed certificate recognizing your completion of the Certificate in Global Engagement. From there, you will continue to grow as an individual and a global citizen.


Students must qualify to apply by achieving a minimum of a 3.0 high school GPA. Due to course requirements and sequencing, students studying in certain areas such as Education, Engineering, and Nursing and those planning on pre-health tracks should work with their academic advisors to see whether the Global Scholars Program can fit into their degree plans. Students must first be accepted to Baylor before they will receive admittance in the program.

Center for Global Engagement

Hankamer Academic Center, H 160.01
1428 S. 5th St.
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