Faculty and Staff Resource Tool Kit

This toolkit is a compilation of best practices in the field that may serve as a resource to assist faculty and staff to have a better understanding of how to serve international students at Baylor. International students account for approximately 4% of the Baylor student population and contribute to the globalization of the campus. International students, however, have unique issues that they must navigate as they acclimate into the Baylor community. 

This resource consists of researched and proven articles, charts, and helpful practices that may be helpful when advising international students on academics, transitioning issues, and in creating a safe and inclusive community.

  1. What Is The Role of The International Student & Scholar Services?
    The International Student and Scholar Services operates under the Center for Global Engagement. This presentation is a summary of the staff who work in ISSS and the mission and purpose of the work.
  2. Baylor International Student Demographics
    This document is a tabulation of the Fall 2018 and Fall 2019 international student demographic at Baylor.
  3. International Student Terminology 
    There are numerous terms and acronyms that have been normalized in the International Education Field. This document is guide that looks through all the important acronyms and terms that international students use,
  4. Unique Steps in the International Student Journey 
    International students across the United States and at Baylor have additional required steps to take before they can enroll and attend classes more than domestic students. The section below will walk through additional steps in the journey that international students need to take to enroll at Baylor University.
  5. Immigration Issues Affecting International Students (for Advisors) 
    International students are subject to U.S. federal laws and guidelines that impact their academic studies and trajectories. The resources below contain information  important for academic advisors while in the process of advising international students
  6. International Student Name Pronunciation Guide
    Pronouncing the names of international students can be a daunting task and requires intentionality and practice. Research however shows that taking the time to learning someone's name can make a big difference in the relationship that ensues.  This document made by James Madison University's ISSS offers some tips and tricks to pronouncing sounds that show up in Chinese names with Arabic names also featured.
  7. Baylor ISSS Resources Available for International Students
    ISSS offers different programs and events in addition to resources that help international students acclimate to their new home at Baylor. Use the links below to familiarize yourself with the resources offered by ISSS that you can recommend to your students.
  8. Faculty and Staff Instructional Guide
    These resources are designed for faculty members to think critically about how to adapt their instructional methods to be inclusive of international students. The Student Development Theory resource is a compilation of relevant international student development theories.
  9. Cultural Awareness
    These resources are helpful in building intercultural competency. While each student is their own individual, different cultures have different customs, traditions and     norms that set them apart. The resources below can be helpful in exploring and understanding different culture.
  10. Mental Health Issues of International Students
    International students have mental health needs that are often neglected. The resources below explore the mental health of international students in the U.S.

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