SEVIS Registration for Fall and Spring Terms


Each fall and spring term, Baylor is required to register international students in the SEVIS system.  For continuing students (not Initial status), the following is required BEFORE a student can be registered in SEVIS:

  • The student must be enrolled full-time based on the Baylor's definition of full-time status as determined by the Registrar's Office or must have an approved reduced course load (RCL) request from Baylor University ISSS.
  • The student must have a valid and current U.S. local address in BearWeb.


If a student is not enrolled full-time, the student’s SEVIS record (I-20) may be terminated for Failure to Enroll.  To avoid termination, students should follow the process below:

  1. Be fully enrolled or have an approved RCL by the 12th class day of the term (referred to as the Census date). 
  2. If students are not fully enrolled or do not have an approved RCL by that day, students will have 14 days to take one of the following steps:
    1. Undergraduate students:  add courses to get to full time status.   Graduate students: add a course that counts as full time status as designated by the Registrar’s Office; OR
    2. Request a Reduced Course Load (RCL) from Baylor ISSS; OR
    3. Request a transfer to another institution for the current semester (contact ISSS to help with this) or enroll concurrently with another approved institution
  3. If a student’s SEVIS record is terminated for Failure to Enroll by Baylor ISSS, the student is advised to leave the country or he or sh may be in violation of their F-1 status.



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