MIY - Graduate

It is important for all MIY students studying at Baylor University to be aware of the policies and procedures of the University and of Study Group. You can find important information about GGP academic requirements, finances, enrollment, and more  in the documents on this page. 

Graduate Materials

GGP MIY Student Handbook

The GGP Graduate Student Handbook provides detailed information about the graduate level classes, academic requirements, the expectations of studying at Baylor, and information about your rights as a student studying in the United States. The policies in document are subject to change.

GGP MIY Program of Studies

The GGP Graduate Program of Studies provides a general overview of the courses GGP graduate students might take during their time in the Global Gateway Program. This overview lists the required coursework for the program, including EAP classes (English for Academic Purposes) and BU courses.

Center for Global Engagement

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