Program Director Development

Welcome to the Program Director Development Portal.  Here, you can find all of the resources that we would normally cover during the program director development training session.  I will be adding to this site constantly to make sure that you have everything that you need.  If there is something that you have questions on and you believe should be here, please let me know and I can add them to the portal.  

I know many of you are as tired of long Zoom meetings as I am, so, rather than make you sit through a two-hour-long Zoom session with me, I decided to record myself presenting the materials from Director Development and upload them here.  That way you have easy access to the content can go through them as you need it, and always have it available for reference.  All of these videos are short, about 5-15 minutes each, and are broken down into what I think are manageable sections - you can thank me by taking me with you on your program!!!

As always, if there is ever anything you need help with, please feel free to reach out and I would be happy to meet with you!
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Program Director Development Intro [2 min]

Program Director Development Part 1: Renewal Applications [14 min]

Click Here to Start a Renewal Application

The Budget form is for preliminary budgeting purposes until the summer tuition rate is announced (expected around mid to late October).  If tuition is discounted heavily, program directors will need to adjust program fees to cover costs. This form should help to arrive at the total cost of the program for students, but the amount of tuition vs. program fees could vary.

2021 Faculty-Led Budget Form Guide 
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Program Director Development Part 2: Navigating BearsAbroad [5 min]

GlobalProtect VPN Guide: Windows
GlobalProtect VPN Guide: Mac

Program Director Development Part 3: Application Management [9 min]

Application Lifecycle

  1. Student Applies (Status will be Pending).
  2. Coordinator Reviews student application for GPA and completion.
  3. Coordinator changes status to Ready for Review
  4. Program Directors review student application and use the four Program Director Decision tags to mark your student applicants as either Accept, Reject, Waitlist, or Withdraw.  Please ONLY tag students that have a status of Ready for Review, and ONLY use the four Program Director Decision tags.
  5. Coordinator will:
    1. Change the status of student tagged as Accept to Deposit Required. Students will receive notification of acceptance and a link to pay a deposit.
    2. Change the status of student tagged as Reject or Waitlist to Reject or Waitlist, respectively
    3. Change the status of student tagged as Withdraw to Withdrawn. 
  6. Once students pay the deposit, the Coordinator will change the student status to Committed. 
    1. Note: Students that withdraw after this point risk forfeiting their deposit. 
Program Director Development Part 4: Budgeting and CGE Finance [12 Min]

With Marie Burks

Please submit your budget forms by emailing it to the coordinator and CGE Finance

2021 Faculty-Led Budget Form Guide 

Program Director Development Part 5: Health and Safety [15 Min]

With Bo White

Baylor Coronavirus Information  
STEP program
US Department of State
Baylor Global Preparedness

Program Director Development Part 6: Marketing to Students [Coming Soon]


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