Spring 2021 Self-Quarantine Guidelines

COVID Procedures for Spring 2021 for Students Coming to Campus

What are the procedures that international students must follow if coming from outside of the United States (based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance)?

1.  Students must have a negative COVID Test 1-3 days prior to departure from their home country (many airlines are requiring this already).  The test MUST be an ANTIGEN or PCR test (using nasal swab or saliva NOT from blood test).  Save your test results to show as proof if necessary.

2.  Students should plan for self-quarantine upon arriving into the U.S.  For self-quarantine and testing guidance, students should follow the information posted on the CDC website under the section entitled “Get Tested and Stay Home After Higher Risk Travel” which has directions for self-quarantine and testing options.  The CDC Webpage is: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/after-travel-precautions.html  Also, you should check the state health department for the state where you will do your self-quarantine – each state has its own guidelines.  Remember that guidance changes regularly so please check this information just before you fly to the U.S.

3.  Students must have a Negative COVID Test within 48 hours (2 days) of coming to campus.

If you have questions about your quarantine testing requirements, you should email the Baylor Health Center with your questions at health_services@baylor.edu.

Baylor does provide a self-quarantine option for those who need it, but students do not have to quarantine with Baylor.  They can also self-quarantine in a hotel or in their off-campus housing. If a student does their quarantine with Baylor, then Baylor will assist the student with obtaining a COVID test during the self-quarantine timeframe. In order to self-quarantine with Baylor, the student must register to use that service.  The earliest a student can start self-quarantine with Baylor is January 6. 

What do I do if I need Baylor to assist with my self-quarantine requirement?
  • Make your reservation through Baylor ISSS.  If you arrive before Wednesday, January 6, you will be required to self-quarantine on your own and at your own expense. Here is the link to request Self-Quarantine with Baylor:  Quarantine Request Link

  • Baylor Self-Quarantine is available beginning January 6. 

  • You may arrive and begin your self-quarantine between Wednesday, January 6 and Monday, January 18.  The latest you will be allowed to begin your Self-Quarantine is by Monday, January 18.

  • You must self-quarantine for the full time period even if your COVID test comes back negative.

What are the procedures that international students must follow if they have been in the United States and have not traveled international?

  1. Students must have a negative COVID Test 1-3 days before returning to Waco if you have been out of Waco during the holidays. 

  2. Students must have a COVID Test within 48 hours of returning to campus.

*These are the same procedures for Baylor domestic (U.S.) students.  Additional information will be sent to all students in early December so please watch your email for further instructions.

IMPORTANT:  If CDC guidance changes, Baylor may change its procedures as well in order to be consistence with the new guidance.

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