Academic and Language Resources for International Students

The International Student Academic Support (ISAS) office provides academic and English language support to any international student that might be struggling in their Face-to-Face and/or online classes. This is a partnership of the Center for Global Engagement, the Global Gateway Program, and Academic Support Programs. Specifically, the ISAS is designed to help international students:

  • increase English understanding of assignments, upcoming exams, or lectures.
  • make a plan to improve English language skills needed for academic success
  • provide academic tools and resources to help make online learning more successful
  • connect with other services available at Baylor (both online and on campus – for example, content tutoring, mentoring, counseling, etc.).

Schedule an online or Face-to-Face appointment to meet with the ISAS Specialist.

International Student Academic Support

International Graduate Student Language Support

The Graduate School works with the Global Gateway Program to evaluate and offer instruction* to International Teaching Assistants and Teachers of Record at Baylor University. International students are evaluated based on their TOEFL scores, and those lacking sufficient language skills will be required to participate  in the GBL Teaching in English Class for International Teaching Assistants before entering the classroom. 

Our objective is to establish guidelines, testing standards, and course curriculum to adequately prepare international graduate students for the classroom. 

*Course offerings can fluctuate from term-to-term.

Center for Global Engagement

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