Academic and Language Resources for International Students

International Student Academic Support

The International Student Academic Support (ISAS) office is available to help any international student with English language concerns. This new initiative is a partnership of the Center for Global Engagement, the Global Gateway Program, and Academic Support Programs. Specifically, the ISAS is designed to help international students:

  • increase understanding of assignments or lectures.
  • make a plan to improve English language skills needed for academic success.
  • connect with other services on campus (e.g. content tutoring, mentoring, counseling, etc.).
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International Graduate Student Language Support

The Baylor Graduate School offers a course for all international graduate students and visiting scholars. The goals of the course are to encourage students to improve their pronunciation of American English so that they can be understood effortlessly in both formal and informal situations, to enable students to improve their listening comprehension and fluency in interactions which are typical of academic settings, to give students opportunities to practice making presentations, and to develop students’ confidence in their interactions with advisors, fellow students, and other professionals in their fields. Constructive feedback of students’ videotapes and audio recordings is an essential component of the course.

Center for Global Engagement

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