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Will I be a Baylor student or a GGP student?

While you are in the GGP you are a Baylor student.  However, you are in a special status as a GGP student since you take both GGP classes and Baylor content classes.  When you are taking GGP classes you are subject to the rules of the GGP.  When you are taking Baylor courses that count towards your  Baylor degree you are subject to the rules of Baylor.  You can find all the Baylor academic rules and policies in the current year’s Undergraduate Catalog. You can find all of the GGP academic rules and policies in the GGP Student Handbook.

How do I change my major?

During your time in the GGP, your major will remain whatever you said it would be at the time of application. GGP students who are in the IY1 level will meet with both their assigned SSM and their BU advisor during their last semester in the program. Please be aware that different majors have different requirements; the requirements can be found here.

If, during your time in GGP, you decide you want to change your major, all you need to do is email your assigned SSM.

How do I register for classes?

This one is easy.  You don’t have to do anything. Global Gateway Program staff will pre-register you for your classes before you arrive. You will be re-tested when you arrive to be sure the classes you have been assigned are the right ones for you.
Once we have registered you for your classes (usually about 1-2 weeks before the start of the semester), you can check your course schedule by signing into your Bearweb account and selecting Student Academic Services.

Can I take a semester break while in GGP?

No, Students are required to complete their study plans by remaining on campus for consecutive Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Students are encouraged to travel during school holidays or breaks between semester (ie. Thanksgiving, winter break, and between the end of the Spring semester and start of the Summer semester).

How many credits can I earn while in GGP?

Take a look at the GGP Program of Studies document. It provides a general overview of the courses GGP students might take during their time in the Global Gateway Program. This overview lists the required coursework for the program, including EAP classes (English for Academic Purposes) and BU courses.

If my future degree plan requires that I take a foreign language, can I take a language placement test for credit?

Yes, students who speak another language can complete a Credit by Exam (https://www.baylor.edu/studenttesting/index.php?id=965375) to obtain course credit in a language.  These credits should then satisfy the “Language/Communication” requirement on the degree.

Students who speak Chinese can take a credit by exam for Chinese and receive up to 6 hours of credit (depending on their score) – CHI 2310 and 2320 (https://www.baylor.edu/studenttesting/index.php?id=965380).  Credit by exams do involve a fee.

Transfer Credit & Summer School

Can I take courses outside of Baylor while in the Global Gateway Program?

No, GGP students are not allowed to take classes outside of Baylor while in the GGP.

How do I transfer courses I took in another country to Baylor?

You may take college courses at universities and colleges other than Baylor when you matriculate and begin full-time study at Baylor. It is very important that you know the requirements Baylor has to receive transfer credit. 

You will need 2 things for the academic departments to evaluate any courses for credit: 1) the official college transcript and 2) the course syllabus/description. Without the course syllabus/description, the department won’t be able to make a decision, so it is a really important piece!

  • Once Baylor Admissions receives both items, the transfer credit request is submit those to the different academic departments for review of credit. At that time, equivalent, elective or no credit will be awarded based on the department’s review.

Additionally, if English is not the language of instruction at the school, English courses will not transfer. In general, English comp courses can be more difficult to transfer in, along with upper-level courses.


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