Juliet Brown

Juliet Brown
Temporary Full-Time Lecturer
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Juliet Brown is a full-time temporary lecturer in the English department.  She went to Baylor when she was an undergrad studying International Studies and History and was part of the honors college in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core.  Now she has been teaching at Baylor since Fall 2016.  Her graduate degree and research are in Linguistics from Northeastern Illinois in Chicago, IL. She has been sought out as a resource by multiple departments and colleges within Baylor for her expertise in ELL (English Language Learners).  She has also received honors such as 'Most Impactful Educators' by Student Learning and Engagement.  In addition, she has had the honor to teach and help develop the very first English writing course for ELL international students in the Graduate School.  She has always been motivated by care for others and understanding individuals in their context.  Her desire to care carried over into the classroom as she intentionally seeks out understanding and relationship with her students, which she firmly believes is foundational to their self-confidence and ultimately to their success at Baylor.

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