FAQ - Finances

Making Payments

Who do I pay?  Where do I find my bills?  

In the beginning this can be confusing because students get invoices (bills) from both Study Group and Baylor University.  GGP students will have to pay both Study Group and Baylor while in the program.  These payments are done through two different systems.

  • GGP students pay Study Group for tuition.  
    • Study Group will send invoices to GGP students via their Baylor email.
    • Study Group bills can be accessed via invoices, which are emailed from Study Group or your agent to your Baylor email address.  There should be a link on the last page of the invoice you receive.
    • Study Group bills can also be accessed via the Study Group Pay portal - using the Study Group Student ID (*not the BU ID number).
  •  GGP students pay Baylor University for health insurance, housing, meal plans, and fees.  
    • Baylor bills can be accessed via the Baylor E-Bill System
    • IMPORTANT:  Before each semester you will get an email from Baylor's Student Financial Services Office notifying you that there is a bill due.  Wait for the email from the Student Financial Services Office before checking your bill.  If you check your bill before you get the email from Baylor the bill might not be correct.
    • New students may not see their bills in the system before arrival.  If this is the case, do not worry.  Again, if there is a bill there, and you have not received an email from Baylor notifying you that a bill is available, what you see may be incorrect.

When the bill amount appears on your account the amount is due and you should pay it. All bills must be paid before the first day of classes.

When will I get my bill from Baylor University?  Why can’t I see my bill?

Student bills will are normally available in the Baylor E-Bill System on the following dates:

  • Summer semester  – by the end of April (or after registration)
  • Fall semester – by mid-July (or after registration)
  • Spring semester – by the beginning of December (or after registration)

New GGP students may see a delay in their billing because it is connected to registration for classes.  Bills do not appear in the Baylor system until students are registered for their classes.  Pre-registration for classes happens a few weeks before classes begin, so nothing for the next semester will appear until that time. If this is the case, do not worry.

How do I pay?
  • You pay your tuition to Study Group through the link in your invoice.
  • You pay your fees to Baylor through the Baylor E-Bill System
    • There are four different methods of payment you can choose from to pay your Baylor bill:
      1. Fly Wire
      2. Electronic Check
      3. Credit Card
      4. Bank Wire through the E-bill system (this is an option on the drop down menu whene selecting to make a payment)
Do I need to purchase health insurance?

Students in the GGP are required to purchase health insurance.  The health insurance charges will automatically appear on each student’s Baylor account.  The annual insurance cost for 2019-20 (fall 2019 –spring 2020 –summer 2020) will be $3,411.36.  Charges are applied each semester.

The  international student insurance policy can be found here. Students will be charged for insurance unless they have qualifying coverage and request a waiver (linked from the previous page). The Health Center will post insurance charges to student accounts in advance of semester billing (if the student registered by that time) or after registration (if the student is registered after initial billing).

I paid by wire, but the credit is not showing?

First, it can take a couple days for this wire to appear on your account.  If you have waited, and the amount is still not appearing, please email the Cashiers Office (Cashier's-Office@baylor.edu), with a copy to GGP Staff (Global_Gateway@baylor.edu).

Who do I contact with question about my Baylor bills?

You can email the Cashiers Office (Cashier's-Office@baylor.edu), with a copy to GGP Staff (Global_Gateway@baylor.edu).

What if I pay late?

You may be charged a late fee.

What if a I paid too much money to Study Group for my tuition?

If you overpaid your Study Group tuition bill, the money will be credited to you Study Group account for future Study Group tuition payments. However, if you are in your last semester of the Global Gateway Program and you overpaid your Study Group tuition bill, then you must fill out the Refund Request Form.

To obtain the Refund Request Form, please email Global_Gateway@baylor.edu and share the reason for your specific request.

Do I have to pay my entire bill?

Baylor does offer payment plans. See the Deferred Payment Plans section on the Baylor Student Financial Services website.

What if I am studying in the GGP and want to cancel and go home, or don’t want to come back next semester?

Read Baylor's cancellation policy here.  It is very important that you refer to the Acceptance of Offer and Terms & Conditions document that you signed when you decided to enter the GGP. It has a lot of important information regarding your financial commitments.


When I finish the GGP can I get a scholarship?

Study Group does not manage scholarships for students that complete the GGP.

Once you have finished the GGP program, you may be eligible for current student scholarships through individual academic departments or organizations. Information about cademic scholarships can be found here.

Note:  Some scholarships are only available to U.S. citizens.

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