FAQ - Housing/Dining

Living on Campus

Where will I live while I’m in the program?

Students studying in the GGP are required to live in the campus residence halls (“dorms”).  Usually, students will be paired with an American student, which is a great way to practice English. 

Are GGP students required to live on-campus during the Global Gateway Program?

Yes - GGP students are required to live on campus in one of Baylor’s residence halls.  

Students that have been admitted to the GGP program and paid the deposit should reserve a room. Go to the Campus Living and Learning (CLL) web page. Click on the “My Housing” link at the top of the page, login with your BearID, and complete the process for GGP students.

You can determine the number of semesters you are required to live on campus and have the Everyday 50/150 meal plan by viewing the Housing & Dining Flow Chart

How do I reserve my room?

As soon as you are admitted to the program you will need to reserve your residence hall room.  Go to the Campus Living and Learning (CLL) web page. Click on the “My Housing” link at the top of the page, login with your BearID, and complete the process for GGP students.

If you have questions, you can email Campus Living & Learning.

Where will I live during the winter (Christmas) break?

During the winter break, many campus resources (ie. residence halls and dining halls) are closed and unavailable to students. Baylor on-campus housing is closed starting at noon on Wednesday, December 18th and re-opens on Thursday, January 9th at 8:00am.

Only students living in apartment-style residence halls with kitchens in the suite will be allowed to remain on campus. 

  • These are the halls that are open for the winter break:
    • Brooks Flats, Heritage House, Texana House, University House, and University Parks
      **Students in these residence halls may remain in their assigned rooms during winter break.
  • These are the halls that are closed for winter break:
    • Alexander, Allen, Brooks College, Collins, Dawson, Earle, Kokernot, Martin, Memorial, North Russell, Penland, South Russell, Teal
      **Students in these residence halls must find alternate housing off-campus.

Students living in residence halls that are closed during the winter break are not allowed to move to an apartment-style hall for winter break housing on campus.

All students are allowed to leave their belongings in their assigned room during the winter break, regardless of whether the hall is open or closed during the winter break. However, any perishable food should be removed from the residence hall prior to a student leaving campus for winter break.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my on-campus housing?

If you are interested in knowing which resident hall you have been assigned to, or want to change your assignment, you can contact Campus Living & Learning at Living@baylor.edu.

Dining on Campus

What meal plan will I have during the program?

All GGP students are automatically assigned the best meal plan, the Everyday 50. All students living on campus are required to have the Every 50 or the Everyday 150 Meal plan. Students MAY NOT change their meal plan to a plan with fewer meals - these are for students living off campus. Meal plan information is available here.

Are meal plans included in the Housing fees?

No, meals and housing fees are charged separately.  This is how billing works:  Study Group only charges for tuition.  Baylor will bill students for everything else – housing, meals, fees and insurance.  It will appear on their student bill when they arrive to campus and they will pay it like any other Baylor student.  The charges may not appear until after students arrive, so please be patient and check you Baylor account often.

Where will I eat my meals?

Students studying in the GGP are required to purchase a university dining plan.  Students will eat at the many different places to eat on campus - go here to learn more about the various dining options.  Students just take their ID cards to one of these dining facilities and they will be allowed to eat (no cash required).  

Note that the dining halls are closed for a short period around the Christmas holidays, and are also closed for a short period after the end of the spring semester.  During these periods students will need to make other arrangements for their meals.



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