Post Baccalaureate Study


Post-baccalaureate students are students who already have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution who wish to pursue non-degree additional coursework. Baylor ISSS may issue an I-20 form for post-baccalaureate undergraduate study to eligible students. Eligibility for an I-20 requires a student meet all of Baylor University’s requirements for a post-baccalaureate admission. Prospective students must submit an Official Statement of Objective written by an academic advisor or professor in the area of study where the student intends to enroll. The Statement of Objective must include:

  1. Educational or professional objective for the post-baccalaureate study
  2. Listing of all courses required to fulfill the objective (from established courses in catalog)
  3. Completion date
  4. Name, title, and signature of faculty advisor


I-20’s issued for post-baccalaureate study are only issued for enrollment at the bachelor’s level or higher.  Students must be enrolled full-time depending on the level (12 hours at bachelor’s level, 9 hours at graduate level).



  1. Student works with faculty advisor to write Statement of Objective.
  2. Student submits a Change of Level request in Global bears that includes the completed Statement of Objective
  3. Designated School Official reviews and either approves or requests further information.
  4. If approved, a new I-20 for post-baccalaureate study is created and sent to student.

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