International students requesting to defer their I-20 to a later semester must receive approval to defer from both their academic programs and the International Student and Scholar Services Office. The ISSS Office must receive official notification from admissions or the student’s academic program that the student is authorized to defer. If the new start date is more than six (6) months past the date on the financial documents, the student must submit updated financial documents. Graduate students who receive funding from their department must have their funding verified in writing for the appropriate term.

Once the DSO has received approval from Undergraduate Admissions or the Graduate Program to defer the student, and the ISSS office has received updated financial documents from the student (where applicable), the DSO will defer the student’s I-20 to the appropriate term.


  1. Student contacts the ISSS office to request to defer I-20 to a later semester.
  2. Undergraduate students (Bachelor’s Degree) must request a deferment from the Undergraduate Admissions Office.  Graduate students (Master’s and Doctorate) must request a deferment from their Graduate Program.  Approval to defer must be sent to the ISSS Office.
  3. Undergraduate students (where applicable) will submit updated financial documents through Global Bears. Graduate students will upload updated financial documents and a letter from department head verifying funding.
  4. A DSO will update the program dates, print, and mail the new I-20.

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