Insufficient Funds


At any time after arriving on campus, when a student has indicated that he or she does not have sufficient funds to cover tuition/fees, personal expenses, or any other required expenses, the student must find alternative funding, transfer to another institution that is more affordable, or withdraw and return home. The student should discuss his or her financial situation with someone from his or her department such as a faculty member or advisor. If the student is unable to secure the necessary funding and cannot continue in his or her course of study, the student’s classes will be cancelled, and the student’s SEVIS record will be terminated and the student must return home immediately.

Please note that the Center for Global Engagement does not have funding for such needs. Also, if the student wants to transfer, he or she must be able to transfer in a timely manner. If a student cannot transfer to a school within 2 weeks of withdrawing (unless it is the summer or between semesters), then his or her SEVIS record will be terminated and the student must leave the U.S. immediately. Termination means the student’s F-1 status is no longer valid and he or she cannot remain in the U.S. Remaining in the U.S. would mean that the student is accruing days of unlawful presence which could eventually hurt the student’s chances of ever returning to the U.S.

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