Leave of Absence


If a student must take a temporary leave of absence from studies due to unforeseen circumstances, the student's SEVIS record must be terminated for Authorized Early Withdrawal. A student whose record is terminated for authorized early withdrawal must depart the United States within 15 days of the record termination. With a terminated SEVIS record, the student must spend temporary absence outside the United States. If the student will be able to resume his or her studies in less than 5 months (which is considered a "temporary absence"), a Baylor DSO may request to reactivate the student's record, so that the student may return to the United States on a new I-20 (provided his or her F-1 visa is still valid). This request can be made up to 60 days before the student’s next session start date.

Note: If the student does not return before 5 months, then the student’s status may not be changed and he or she must start the process for getting a new initial I-20 including all necessary documents.

  1. The student must notify a Baylor DSO that he or she is requesting a Leave of Absence.
  2. The DSO will terminate the student’s record for “Authorized Early Withdrawal.”
  3. The student must leave the U.S. within 15 days and will remain outside of the U.S. during the time that his or her status is terminated.
  4. If the student does return within 5 months, the student should contact a Baylor DSO to let them know that he or she is ready to return and re-enroll.
  5. The DSO will reactivate the student’s record and create a new I-20.
  6. The Baylor ISSS Office will mail the I-20 to the student.

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