12 & 24 Month Bars


Limitations for J-1 Professor and Research Scholar Categories

12-Month Bar

A foreign national is ineligible to participate in a Professor or Research Scholar exchange program if he or she has held any J-1 nonimmigrant status within the 12-month period immediately preceding the start of the new program. This 12-month bar applies to J-2 dependents as well as principal non-immigrants.

The following three EXCEPTIONS exist:

1. J-1 transfers to Baylor without any gap

2. IF prior presence in J status in the U.S. was less than 6 months in duration

3. Presence in J-1 status was as a Short-Term Scholar


24-Month Bar

An individual who participates in the Exchange Visitor Program as a J-1 Professor or Research Scholar becomes subject to the 24-Month Bar on "repeat participation" in those particular categories after completing his or her program even if the program lasts less than five years. DOS has taken the position that the 24-Month Bar will also apply to J-2 dependents of J-1 Professors or Research Scholars if the J-2 subsequently wishes to return as a J-1 Professor or Research Scholar.

Please note that these bars only prevent new programs for Research Scholars and Professors who have previously held J status. They do not prevent someone who has held J status from beginning a new program in the Student or Short-Term Scholar categories. Once the applicable 12-month or 24-month time period has lapsed, exchange visitors are again eligible to begin a program in any J category.

If you held J status within the last year or believe that one of these bars might apply to you, please contact the IS3 for possible alternative options.

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