Photo Contest

People - First Place - Timothy Hong - Florence, Italy - Summer 2016 (SAI in Florence Program) 


The photo contest will be open to Baylor University undergraduates and graduates studying abroad during the 2019–2020 academic year. If you have participated during a different academic year you will be welcome to submit your photos during the annual contest in August. Participants in Baylor study abroad programs or affiliate/provider programs are welcome. For purposes of this competition, “study abroad” may include international internships. It does not, however, include vacation travel abroad other than interim travel as part of a study abroad program.

  • First Prize: $75 Amazon Gift Card
  • Second Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • Third Prize: $25 Amazon Gift card
  • Honorable Mention

All winners will have their photos displayed during the Spring Study Abroad Fair - February 22nd, 2021. 

You must be a current Baylor Student to win the Amazon Gift Card Prize. If you have already graduated please feel free to submit your photos but you will not be eligible for the prizes. 

What types of photos can be submitted?
  • Landscape/Cityscape 
  • Art/Architecture
  • People
  • Best Baylor Pose
How many photos can I submit?

A total of 4 photos, 1 for each category (Landscape, Art/Architecture, People, Best Baylor Pose). These photos must have been taken at some point during the study abroad program.

Do I have to submit 4 photos?

No, you don’t have to submit for each category (though we suggest you do!). But you cannot submit more than a single photo in any category.

Subject Matter

The only subject matter restriction is that your photo or photos capture an experience or observation abroad, not necessarily limited to your program location. (A student studying in the Netherlands, for example, could submit a photo taken in Switzerland during a trip.) . We encourage photographs that capture the heart of your experience. 

How do I submit my entries?

Photo Contest Submission Form

All forms need to be submitted by January 31st, 2022. Photos must be attached in JPEG form. 

Important Advisory

All submissions become the property of the Center for Global Engagement, which will enjoy full rights of display and circulation (with credit to the photographer). If you submit a photograph it is understood that you have given us this right. 

We look forward to receiving your photos! Please direct any further questions to

View Winning Photos from previous year's entries here.

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