J-1 Scholar Guidelines

Maintaining J-1 Status
Maintaining status is the responsibility of the scholar. By signing your immigration documents, you have indicated that you agree to comply with the terms and conditions of your admission and any extensions of stay. You also certify that all information provided on your immigration documents are true and correct to the best of your knowledge. You certify that you seek to enter or remain in the United States temporarily, solely for the purpose of completing the program at the institution indicated on your immigration documents.

Two Year Residency
Exchange Visitors subject to the Two-Year Home Residence requirement must "reside and be physically present" in their "home" country for an aggregate of two years before being eligible for certain immigration benefits. The requirement also makes the J-1 visa holders and their J-2 dependents ineligible to change to any other visa status within the United States while they are subject to it.

12 & 24 Month Bars
Limitations for J-1 Professor and Research Scholar Categories

Travel Procedures
All scholars traveling abroad must check the validity dates on their immigration documents to ensure all documents are valid. If you have any questions, please see an IS3 advisor. When traveling outside the U.S., J-1 scholars must have in their possession the proper documents to return to the U.S. to resume their activities.

If the sponsoring department wishes to extend the J-1 scholar's appointment/affiliation with Baylor University, they must complete a new Visiting Scientist/Scholar Agreement in the Office of the Vice Provost for Research for any scholar with outside funding or receiving some Baylor funding.

Program Transfer
Information about transferring into or out of the Baylor Program.

212e Waiver
J-1 visa holders subject to the two-year home residence requirement and do not wish to fulfill the requirement of returning to their home countries for two years, may apply for a waiver.

J-2 Dependents
The spouse and dependent children of the J-1 Exchange Visitor may be eligible for J-2 status to accompany the J-1 individual to the U.S. with the proper financial documentation and Baylor's insurance. Children must be under 21; no other family members are eligible.

Lecture Requests and Consultations
Professors and Research Scholars may give occasional lectures and short-term consultations in conjunction with their primary activities, if approved by OIP-ISSS in advance.