Health Services and Insurance - Exchange Students


In order to register for classes and move-in to your on-campus living quarters, you must submit a Required Health Form, completed in its entirety. Please follow the specific directions in the form, any Health Form that is not completed will not be approved and will prolong your ability to register for courses. Please note- ALL incoming students must have:

  • A Tetanus-Diphtheria within the past ten years;
  • TWO MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccinations, both doses have to have been administered after your 1st birthday;
  • A Meningococcal Meningitis (BMV) vaccination within the past 10 years. Students over the age of 22 are exempt;
  • A Tuberculosis test. If you do not pass the skin test, you MUST have a chest x-ray conducted;
  • Lastly, all of the above must be documented. You can either have a health professional sign the Health Form (every page), or you can attach a legible copy of your official immunization records to the Health Form.


Incoming Exchange Students will automatically be enrolled in a Baylor health insurance plan. Information regarding insurance at Baylor University can be found HERE:

Incoming students with dual-citizenship may not be automatically charged for health insurance. If you have dual citizenship, please contact the Study Abroad Advisor at Baylor.

Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine

Please note that a Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine (BMV) is compulsory to attend any Higher Education Institution in the State of Texas as of January 1, 2012. You must document your vaccination in the required Health Form that accompanies the general application; or, you can fax, email, or mail the form to either the Student Exchange and Study Abroad Advisor or:

It is absolutely vital to your participation as an exchange student at Baylor University that you procure a BMV vaccination, in addition to completing all of the required Health Form components. We will not be able to register you for classes, nor will you be able to move-in to on-campus residence halls, until you have submitted proof of the BMV vaccination, and that proof has been approved.

A list of approved meningitis vaccinations can be found HERE:

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