Frequently Asked Questions


I did not arrive until Jan 2019. Do I have to file anything now?

No, you were not in the U.S. during the tax reporting year.


I still haven’t received my W-2 form in mail, I just printed a copy from Bearweb. Is that okay?

The Payroll Office does not mail the W-2 forms, you will need to print it off from Bearweb, where there is a printable view; or pick up a copy from the Payroll Office.


I received a scholarship, but I did not receive a 1042-S form. Should I have received one?

There are two kinds of scholarships:

1. Form 1098 is issued for scholarships that were applied to your Baylor account to pay for tuition only. This scholarship is not taxable and you do not need to report this form; it is only for your information.

2. The second type of scholarship is for graduate students who worked for the department that paid them a stipend (and if they claimed tax treaty benefits), OR athletes who received a Baylor scholarship. These students will receive Form 1042-S, which needs to be reported on their tax return.


Do I need a 1042-S form?

If you were issued one you would have received it by the time you received the Sprintax email.


I only have a SSN. Do I need an ITIN?

You will have one or the other, not both. Always use the SSN if you have one.


I will receive a tax refund. Should I select to receive it by check or enter my bank account information?

Many people choose to receive your refund by entering bank account information rather than have a check mailed to them. Checks can be lost or not delivered if you move during the summer.


How do I assemble all of the forms that must be mailed?
  • Form 1040NR-EZ (tax return)
  • Staple a copy of all tax forms you received to front left side of the 1040NR-EZ Tax Return Form: W-2 (copy B) and/or the 1042-S (copy C). Be sure Form 1040NR-EZ is signed and dated
  • Form 8843 (do not sign)
  • Substantial Presence Test (you will get this through Sprintax)
  • Tax Treaty information (you will get this through Sprintax if you qualify)


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