Global Engagement Courses

The following Global Engagement courses have been approved to satisfy requirements in the 2nd and 3rd phases of the Certificate in Global Engagement.  

ADM 3364, History of Dress HIS(PSC) 4V89 Model Org of Am. States
ADM 3365, Global Dress and Culture INB 4325, International Marketing
ANT 3320, Env. and Human Behavior ITA 3302 Italian Conv., Reading, and Comp.
ANT 3340, Ind. Cultures of … ITA 3308 Italian Pop Culture
ANT 4311, World Food Problems ITA 3320 Conv. & Comp. in Tuscany
ANT 4313, Soc.and Cultures of Africa ITA 3330 Italian Through Film
ANT 4350, Dev and Indigenous Peoples ITA 3342 Giro d'Italia: Regions of Italy 
ANT 4373, One Health JOU 3387, International Communications
BIC 4374, World Cultures V ME 4305, Sustainable Engineering
BIC 4389, Examined Life III: Capstone MKT 4325, International Marketing
BIO 4354, Neglected Tropical Diseases MUS 3321, Music in World Cultures
CFS 4356, The Family: A Global Perspective MUS 4350, International Music Education
CSS 3314, Cross-Cultural Communication MUS 4381, Global Music in Global ...
CSS 4304, Adv. Small Group Theory and... NUR 4320, Comp. Therapies and Trad...
CSS 4312, Systemic Inquiry NUR 4330, Women’s Health in G.B.
ECO 3390, Comp. Health Care Systems NUR 4377, Transcultural Nursing: …
EDP 3326, The Developing Child NUTR 4352, World Nutrition
EGR 3305, Social and Ethical Issues in Eng... NUR 4395, Global Health (in Africa)
ENG 3317, Rhetoric of Race PSC 3300, Environment and Political...
ENG 3351, Brit. Lit from the 19th Cent... PSC 3314, Politics and Problems of Devl...
ENG 4369, Modern British Novel PSC 3320, Minority and Ethnic Group...
ENG 4371, Modern British Poetry PSC 3325, Ethnopolitical Conflict
ENG 4372, Modern Brit. and Continental... PSC 3335, Cont. American Foreign Policy
ENT 4353, Social Ent. and Econ.Devel. PSC 3345, Making American Foreign...
ENT 4380, Social Ent.: Micro and Econ...Africa PSC 3355, Causes of War
ENV 3300, Env. and the Political Process PSC 3375, Model United Nations
ENV 3314 (BIO 3315) Intro to Environmental... PSC 4303, International Human Rights
ENV 3370, Managing Env. Health and Safety PSC 4304, Gov.and Politics of Latin...
ENV 4318, Heavy Metals and Global... PSC 4305, International Law
ENV 4325, Human Health Risk Assessment PSC 4313, Politics and Literature
ENV/PSC 4307, Environmental Law PSC 4314, Gov. and Politics of Mexico
FRE 3302, Conversational French PSC 4316, Grand Strategy
FRE 3307, Bon appétit!: Cuisine and ... PSC 4324, British Politics
FRE 3308 French and Francophone...  PSC 4335, Pub Discourse and Foreign ...
FRE 3320 Conv. and comp. in Paris PSC 4344, Gov.and Politics of Russia
FRE 3325 Advanced Conv. and Comp. PSC 4346, Intelligence and Covert Action
FRE 3328 Around the Francophone World... PSC 4355, Power, Morality, and Int...
FRE 3330 Introduction to French Cinema PSC 4365, International Political Eco.
FRE 3338 Contemporary France  PSC 4370, Politics and Religion
FRE 3340 Paris: A Cultural Overview  PSC 4375, International Organizations
FRE 3341Tour de France: Regions... PSC 4383, Cont Political Thought
FRE 3348 A Moveable Feast PSC 4384, Principles of Political Dev... 
FRE 4328 Francophone Culture and Lit. PSC 4385, Diplomacy in Theory and...
FRE 4332 French Writers and Ideas II… PSC 4386, Russia and the World
FRE/FDM 4330 Survey of French Cinema PSC 4395, Terrorism
GEO 4345, Water Management PSC 4397, Dictatorship, Demo. and Regime...
HIS 3307, History of Japan REL 3345, World Religions
HIS 3318, History of Modern Africa REL 4343, Christianity and the World...
HIS 3319, Wom. and Gender in Mod. Africa REL 4343, Topics in Islam
HIS 3353, Latin Am. Civ.:Pre-Columbian... RLS 4V13, Rec. and Leisure Services...
HIS 3355, Modern Latin America SPA 3010, Spanish Civilization
HIS 4305, Modern China SPA 3302, Conv. & Comp. in Spanish
HIS 4312, Modern Middle East History SPA 3305, Intro to Hispanic Lit
HIS 4313, War and Peace in the Middle East SPA 4340, Prof. & Literary Translation
HIS 4340, Human Rights & Search for ... TED 3380, Social Issues in Education
HIS 4351, Gender in Latin America TED 4312, Methods of Teaching ESL
HIS 4357, Inter-American Relations THEA 3333, Theatre in Cultural Context

*Students enrolled at Baylor prior to the launch of the Certificate in Global Engagement in Fall 2018 may count prior credit for Chapel and co-curricular activities toward the Certificate.  If a student has already completed Study Abroad or an International Missions trip, she or he must complete GBL 1103.  All three courses used to satisfy the Certificate requirements must be taken after registering in the program. 


Please contact for information on how to have your course approved to count toward the Global Certificate program.