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New Programs

If you lead students on an international trip that is not coordinated and budgeted through the Center for Global Engagement or Student Missions, please click here to submit your faculty/staff and student group travel for review.

Baylor University offers roughly 40 faculty-led study abroad programs in which one or more Baylor faculty members design, budget, recruit, and lead students through a 3-5 week summer study abroad experience. If you are interested in partnering with the Center for Global Engagement to offer a new study abroad program, contact the Study Abroad Program Coordinator of Faculty-Led Programs. Applications to offer a new program in Summer 2022 are due January 15, 2021. Proposing faculty members can download an application here. If recommended for approval, additional materials will be required.

Recurring Programs

Open a renewal application for Summer 2022 HERE.

To submit a proposal to renew a recurring faculty-led program for the upcoming year, open a new application and complete all application requirements here before October 1, 2021. If you have already begun your application, click here to access it. (Click the house icon on the black toolbar and select “Applicant.”)

Changes to Summer 2021 Renewal Process:

  • Course Forms and Expectations of Program Directors will be submitted electronically.  After submitting the Proposal to Renew, the Coordinator will send Program Directors links to sign the Expectations and Course Forms electronically through DocuSign.  After Program Directors complete the forms, they will automatically be sent to Department Chairs and Deans for approval. 
  • Study Abroad Program Travel and Expense Management Guidelines: Program Directors shall acknowledge the following guidelines for group travel and expense management when designing programs and preparing budgets for study abroad program renewal.
    • Group travel expenses (lodging, transportation, excursions, cultural events, etc.) shall be arranged through an approved travel agency or institutional partner and paid directly from the university. Contact the Faculty-Led Program Coordinator for assistance identifying agents and partners.
    • Group travel expenses on a personal credit/debit card will not be reimbursed. Program directors should obtain a Travel Card through the university if there are any group expenses that require a credit card purchase. In the event that a large expense (over $5,000) cannot be paid directly, a one-time Travel Card increase may be requested to complete a group purchase.
    • Cash distributions to students are prohibited. For summer 2021, Financial Services will have a card program in place to issue funds to students. Program directors should clearly advertise what meals and other expenses will/will not be included in the program fee and identify any funds to be distributed to students via the card program in the program budget.
    • Travel Advances will not be issued for Meals Per Diem expenses. Faculty and staff travelers are encouraged to obtain a University Travel Card for such expenses. 

Other Information

  • All materials (Proposal to Renew, BearsAbroad Updates, Director Expectations, Course Information Form(s), Budget) must be received by CGE before your application will be considered for approval. The budget should be emailed in Excel version.
  • Make sure you are using the Summer 2022 forms, downloaded directly from your BearsAbroad application or through the Program Director Portal: Resources Box folder.
  • Students cannot apply for or deposit to a program until the renewal application is approved and the Program Coordinator has opened applications. 
  • A separate course information form is required for each department chair approving courses. For example, to offer both HIS 1305 and SOC 1305, a separate course information form should be submitted to the Department of History and the Department of Sociology, even though both courses will be reviewed by the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.
  • Courses that are not cross-listed in the Undergraduate Course Catalog cannot be cross-listed for study abroad. Students can, however, submit a degree audit petition through their dean’s office to request that the course taken abroad to substitute for a different degree requirement.

In preparation for departure, Program Directors are responsible for the following:

  • Attend a pre-departure meeting with CGE.
  • Upon request from CGE Finance, confirm program details. Confirm that courses are listed accurately in the Schedule of Classes and obtain special approval and enrollment capacity overrides for all students to register for courses. 
  • Confirm that students registered correctly and settle their bills prior to departure.
  • Ensure that all Program Directors, Faculty, and Volunteers have completed CSA training, a background check, Title IX training, and other requirements prior to program departure.
  • Submit Final Itinerary (located in the post-decision phase of renewal application) at least 30 days prior to departure. Access your renewal application here.
  • Submit travel advance at least two weeks prior to departure, if needed.
  • Ensure the completion of release forms and questionnaires in BearsAbroad (paper forms for minors) by all program participants. (Note: This can be done as a group during a pre-departure meeting.)
  • Confirm that insurance payments for guests is submitted prior to departure.
  • Register group travel in STEP.

Resources in Box

CGE shares the Box folder "Program Director Portal: Resources" with all active Program Directors. The documentation is kept up to date by CGE and it is recommended that the shared folder is bookmarked in your browser for quick and easy access. Resources include BearsAbroad Training, Renewal Application Materials, Application Cycle, and Selecting & Paying Vendors, among other items. If you do not have access to Box, please contact your study abroad coordinator.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Deadline to Submit Proposal to Renew: October 2, 2021

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