Costs and Funding

Planning and commitment to exploring all funding resources is key to studying abroad affordably. There are many factors that influence choice in location and program; one important factor is cost.

Steps to Funding your Study Abroad 

Affordability is an important factor when selecting a study abroad program. The programs offered through Baylor Study Abroad vary in cost, depending on the features of the program, geographic location, length, inclusions in the program such as excursions and cultural activities, and the level of on-site support.  When researching a program that is both academically appropriate and cost-effective, there are many considerations to take into account.

Study Abroad Scholarships 

After considering the costs of a study abroad program it is time to begin researching scholarships and funding opportunities available both at Baylor and externally.

Financial Aid

Students enrolled in a Baylor-approved study abroad program are considered to be attending Baylor University and are eligible for financial aid. We recommend speaking with your Financial Aid counselor for other specific scholarships, loans, etc. that could be applied towards your study abroad experience and to determine if it will be sufficient to cover the program costs. 


Bills for students participating in the semester, summer, or winter study abroad programs are generated on the same timeline as regular semester bills as determined by Baylor University. Payments are made using the same procedures, deadlines, and policies as any other Baylor student. 

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