How To Study Abroad

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Getting Started

The valuable life skills you acquire from studying abroad are put into practice long before you arrive in your host country. The Center for Global Engagement – Study Abroad office is available to guide you along the process of selecting and applying for your program, and the process of preparing for departure. Although we can suggest resources and highlight certain programs, we rely on you to conduct a significant amount of research and meet with your academic advisor and program director to identify the best learning abroad program match for you.

1. Attend an Info Session

In an effort to remain compliant with Baylor policies and procedures, and to keep you safe, information sessions have been converted from face-to-face to this video format. you will hear how Study Abroad works, where to begin, final steps, and everything in between! Once you have watched the video, you can schedule an appointment with an advisor.

2. Take Ownership
  • Consider Which Type of Program Interests You 

Would you like to go for a semester, year, or summer? A semester or year program offers the opportunity for a more immersive experience than you may get on a short term program. There are both, group semester programs and independent semester programs, students can choose from. How about an internship? You can take courses and take a for-credit internship in your country of study.  Baylor works with partners who connect students with internship opportunities in their area of interest and study for either a summer or semester to earn 3-6 credits.  Our Baylor students have interned in the UK, Chile, Australia, and Czech Republic (to name a few!) 

  • Talk with Your Academic Advisor

Contact your academic advisor and let them know you want to study abroad!  They can help make sure that the program and courses you ultimately choose will work with your degree plan and keep you on track!

  • Consider Your Academic Schedule

In conjunction with your academic advisor, start looking at which courses you need to graduate and which ones you can take while abroad. Work with your academic advisor to come up with a list of courses you can take abroad to stay on track. Then bring that list to your study abroad advisor to help determine which programs make the most sense for you!

  • Window shop

Go to and browse through the programs. Search by discipline, term, or location and get excited. Don't worry about making any final decisions at this stage, just get an idea.

3. Make an Appointment With a Study Abroad Advisor and/or Program Director
  • Ready to talk with an advisor? Schedule an Advising Appointment here!
  • For faculty-led summer program information, reach out to the program's director. Their contact information can be found on the brochure page of that program in Bearsabroad.
  • Are you the parent of a Baylor Bear? we would love to meet with you too and answer all of your questions! Sign up for a Parent Advising Appointment!

4. Begin your application in BearsAbroad

Once you have decided on a program, go ahead and apply!  The applications can be found on our BearsAbroad website with an "Apply Now" button on each program's brochure page. Opening an application does not commit you to the program, but it will allow you to begin completing some very necessary steps in the application process.

Bears Abroad Applications for each program generally open 10-12 months in advance (i.e. Fall 2022 applications will open sometime in Fall 2021).

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