Intercultural Competence Courses

Baylor has developed a sequence of three 1-credit (credit/no credit) courses to be offered to undergraduate students prior to, during, and following their international education experience. These courses are designed to enhance your ability to process the impact of this international experience on your personal development. These three courses will be housed and administered in the Center for Global Engagement.
GBL 1101

 This course is designed to help prepare students for study abroad or international missions trips by developing knowledge of the destination to be visited along with cultural skills, attitudes, and behaviors that will allow for more meaningful engagement while abroad. 

Why take this class? Merge travel with your personal and academic interests and learn about the country you will visit and what to expect. Engage in discussions about current events and the world! Also counts for credit towards the Certificate in Global Engagement. 

GBL 1102

This course is required for all Baylor students studying abroad. It is designed to help you engage with your host culture while abroad, and at the same time learn more about yourself and your own cultural values. Your study abroad advisor will register you for this class. This class is entirely online. 

Why take this class? Also counts for credit towards the Certificate in Global Engagement.

GBL 1103

This course will examine the current literature on models of culture, intercultural development, and how to use your knowledge coming forward. 

Why take this class? Students will unpack and learn from their own experience abroad and develop ways of articulating and marketing these experiences to further their personal, academic, & career goals. It also counts for credit towards the Certificate in Global Engagement.

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