Certificate Components

*Students enrolled at Baylor prior to the launch of the Certificate in Global Engagement in Fall 2018 may count prior credit for Chapel and co-curricular activities toward the Certificate.  If a student has already completed Study Abroad or an International Missions trip, she or he must complete GBL 1103.  All three courses used to satisfy the Certificate requirements must be taken after registering in the program. 


Appreciate other cultures, self-examination and awareness of how the culture students grew up in affects their views

Chapel* (5 pts/2 semesters) 5
Multi-cultural/Religious events (1 pt/event; 5 pts/semester) 10
Films on global issues (1 pt/event; 5pts/semester) 10
Forums/Speakers/Performances (1 pt/event; 5 pts/semester) 10
Student organizations with a GE focus (1 pt/event; 5 pts/semester) 10
CGE Reading Group: Tracy Kidder, Mountains Beyond Mountains* 10
Baylor and Beyond LLC (5 pts/semester in the LLC) 10
Global Involvement Survey* ¹ 0


Explore global engagement in your discipline and life; begin to develop knowledge and passion in a specific area

PAWS (5 pts per semester 2 semesters) 10
Multi-cultural/Religious events (1pt/event ; 5pts per semester) 10
Workshops or Conferences 10
3000 level global engagement courses (2)* (10pts/course) 20
Community service via organizations (5pts/15 hours) 10
Discipline-specific service that is non-curricular (5pts/15 hours) 10
Baylor and Beyond LLC (5 pts per semester in the LLC) 10
Peer mentoring (5 pts per semester) 10
Global Involvement Survey* ¹ 0


Engage in meaningful cross-cultural experiences and research

Semester Abroad/Summer ** (10/20 points based on duration) 20
BU Missions (Domestic, Urban or Global) ** 10
International Internship** (5/10 points based on duration) 10
Course with Embedded Study Abroad** 10
Poverty Simulation - mission Waco or similar** 5
Peer mentoring (as mentor) (5pts/semester) 10
Research on a specific global topic: URSA paper, Honor's thesis 10
4000 level global engagement course* (10pts/course) 10
Global Involvement Survey* ¹ 0
Total Points 100
* Required **Must choose one of the five indicated options
¹ At the completion of each phase, students will be required to complete a "Global Involvement Survey"