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The valuable life skills you acquire from studying abroad are put into practice long before you arrive in your host country. The Center for Global Engagement – Study Abroad office is available to guide you along the process of selecting and applying for your program, and the process of preparing for departure. Although we can suggest resources and highlight certain programs, we rely on you to conduct a significant amount of research and meet with your academic advisor and program director to identify the best learning abroad program match for you.


Consider the Type of Program

First, consider if you would like to go for a semester, year, or summer. A semester or year program offers the opportunity for a more immersive experience than you may get on a short term program. There are both, group semester programs and independent semester programs, students can choose from.


Consider Your Academic Schedule

Second, think about the courses that you need to graduate and which ones you can take while abroad. Work with your academic advisor to come up with a list of courses you can take abroad to stay on track. Then bring that list to your study abroad advisor to help determine which programs make the most sense for you!


Contact a Study Abroad Advisor or Program Director

Third, after attending an info session, you can set up a meeting with a study abroad advisor to talk more specifically about options, information, and courses. If you are interested in a summer study abroad program, contact the specific program director to get more information. Their contact information can be found on the individual program pages.

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