Global Bears

What is Global Bears?

Global Bears is the software program that Baylor uses to assist international students and scholars with requests regarding immigration documents, approval for work (OPT, CPT, and on-campus), letters for visitors, replacement of I-20 forms, etc.  The system allows students and scholars to login from any computer with internet access to make requests.  Students can upload documents, complete information questionnaires, read about specific requirements, and many other actions.  Students can track the progress of their request and communicate directly with a Baylor ISSS staff member that is working on their issue. 

From the time an international student or scholar begins the process to come to Baylor until they have completed their program (including any OPT or Optional Practical Training), the Global Bears system is the mechanism that Baylor uses to assist students.

Since almost all of the possible requests that a student could make involve some type of policy (U.S. Government as well as Baylor University) and a step by step procedure, we have created links on each of the Policy and Procedure pages so that after you have read the information about your request, you can click on the link and login directly to the application request in Global Bears.  Once you click on that link everything that you need to complete for your request will be presented to you online.  After you submit all required documents, questionnaires and assessments, you must click the SUBMIT APPLICATION button (green button at the top of each request) and that will send your materials to a Baylor ISSS staff member for review.  If we have questions, we will email you back.  Once your request is processed, your request will be updated in your GlobalBears home page and you will be notified by email.

To login to your Global Bears Homepage, click HERE.  You will be able to see your profile and any specific record requests you have made.

To make a specific request for OPT, CPT, a new I-20, etc., click HERE which will take you to the Policies and Procedures page where you can select your topic.