2014-2015 Photo Contest Winners

Art and Architecture

1st_AA2 - The Dean's Garden - Reilly, Tirzah

1st Place
Tirzah Reilly - "The Dean's Garden" - Baylor in Oxford

2nd_AA11 - The Mysteries of Time - Chilton, Jenni

2nd Place
Jenni Chilton - "The Mysteries of Time" - Baylor Ed. in Costa Rica

3rd_AA14 - Untitled - Lauren Mathes

3rd Place
Lauren Mathes - Baylor in Maastricht

Landscape and Cityscape

1st_LC1 - Reflections in the River Nidelven - Vickers, Brandy

1st Place
Brandy Vickers - "Reflections in the River Nidelven" - University of Helsinki

2nd_LC7 - Umbrian Countryside - Greenwell, Brianna

2nd Place
Brianna Greenwell - "Umbrian Countryside" - SAI: University of the Arts

3rd_LC11 - Tranquillity in the City - Gentzel, Stephen

3rd Place
Stephen Gentzel - "Tranquility in the City" - i5 in China

People and Animals

1st_P11 - Pinwheel Palisade - Choi, Sean

1st Place
Sean Choi - "Pinwheel Palisade" - Social Entrepreneurship in Africa

2nd_P1 - Sunrise Surf at Bondi - Brock, Taylor

2nd Place
Taylor Brock - "Sunrise Surf at Bondi Beach" - School of Education Interns in Australia

3rd_P10 - Russian Steppe - Mabbitt, Joseph

3rd Place
Joseph Mabbit - "Russian Steppe" - Voronexh State University