Suspension & Expulsion


If a student is suspended or expelled from Baylor for any length of time, he or she may be considered as failing to maintain status and the student’s SEVIS record may be terminated. No decision on the student’s status (in terms of immigration) will be made until the appeal process has exhausted itself. At the conclusion of the appeal process, the student will have 15 working days in which to find an institution for transfer. If a student does not complete the transfer process during that time, his or her SEVIS record may be terminated.


  1. When a student receives notice of suspension or expulsion, he or she should notify the ISSS Office.
  2. If the student decides not to appeal or does appeal but believes that the result will still be the same decision, the student should either make plans to return home or immediately find an institution to which she or he can transfer.
  3. The student has 15 working days after a final decision is made to find a place to transfer.
  4. The student should then follow the Transfer-Out Policy and Procedures to facilitate this process.
  5. If no transfer is initiated by the 16th day after a final decision is made, the ISSS Office may terminate the student’s SEVIS record.
  6. If a student is terminated, he or she has 15 days to leave the U.S.