Change of Level


When a student completes one degree at Baylor and then chooses to pursue an additional degree at the next level (ex. Bachelor’s degree to Master’s Degree), he or she will be required to get a new I-20 for the new degree. The student must be admitted to the next degree program and submit new documents applicable to the new degree. The student must initiate the process BEFORE the end of his or her current status. Note: This same process applies if a student is choosing to get a second degree at the same level (ex. Master’s Degree to another Master’s Degree).


  1. The student must be admitted to the new program.
  2. The student should inform a Baylor DSO of the new program.
  3. The student must submit a new Immigration Status Form and financial documentation for the new program to the Baylor ISSS Office.
  4. A DSO reviews the documents.
  5. Once the DSO confirms that all documents are acceptable, the DSO will create a new Initial I-20 for the student.
  6. A DSO will email the student that the I-20 is ready.
  7. The student can choose to have the I-20 mailed or come to the ISSS Office to sign and pick-up the I-20.