PAWS Programs

Program Overview

The PAWS Program is a longstanding tradition at Baylor. International students and U.S. students and families have been connecting and building lasting relationships for many years. We hear stories from both international students and their student friends and families that participating in the PAWS program has been one of their best experiences. For more information click on the PAWS Brochure below.

In addition, we receive requests for international students and scholars to speak about their country/culture so we have an International Speakers Program. If you are interested in sharing with others about your country, please let us know! We hope you will participate.

PAWS Brochure

U.S. Student Program

Through the U.S. Student Program, U.S. students commit for one year to be a friend to this international student, helping with both their personal and academic transition to Waco and Baylor. Through simple activities, such as lunch, coffee, studying together or making shopping trips, students can establish a friendship that helps guide the international student through the ins-and-outs of American culture. Click on an application below if you are interested!

International Student Application

U.S. Student Application

Welcome Family Program

The Welcome Family Program offers friendship to international students who are a world away from their own family and familiar culture. Families from the Waco community provide an atmosphere of home away from campus by committing to connect with the student a few times a month, inviting them to their house for dinner and taking the student on two off-campus experiences. By investing in the international student’s life, the student and the host family learn about new countries and cultures. The Welcome Family Program accepts new participants year-round.

International Student Application (Family Program)

Family Application

International Speakers Program

Another way to connect with both the Baylor and Waco communities is to take advantage of opportunities to share about your country or culture with various groups and organizations. If you are interesting in sharing about your country/culture by giving a presentation to a group, please contact us about being on our list of speakers. If we get a request for a speaker and you are able to participate, we will help make arrangements for you. You would always have the opportunity to decline any invitations.

For More Information, contact the Center for Global Engagement at: