Policies/Procedures and Student Requests

Click on the title of each policy listed below to review the policy and procedures and submit any requests/applications if necessary. Please note that if you begin a request and then do not submit it within 30 days of the date you began it, then it may be cancelled. You must submit each requirement (documents, questionnaires, assessments, etc.) in the application AND you must click the SUBMIT APPLICATION button at the top of the page for your materials to be reviewed.

Initial I-20
For students who have been accepted to Baylor, this information will tell you about the process to receive your initial I-20. This information does not apply to current Baylor students.

Replace or Update I-20 Request
This should only be used for actual reprints of a lost or missing I-20 or if you need to get a new visa or if there has been a change to your major/minor or OPT status. If you need a new I-20 because your graduation date has changed, then you need to go to the Program Extension or Program Shorten Policy.

Immigration Check-In

Curricular Practical Training

Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Pre-Completion Optional Practical Training

STEM OPT Extension

Cap-Gap Extension

Leave of Absence

Letter Requests
This link provides information for any letter requests related to your immigration status, visiting family members, the social security office, etc. If you need a social security letter, be sure that you have completed the request to be Authorized for On-Campus Employment.

On-Campus Employment
Before a student can begin working on campus, the student must submit a request to CGE. The CGE will create an employment approval letter that the student can use for duration of their time at Baylor as long as they maintain full-time enrollment. Students only have to request approval one time. The approval letter can be used repeatedly.

Reduced Course Load
Studying part time is only for extreme circumstances and must be fully documented.

Change of Level
If you are a current Baylor student who will complete your academic program and you want to begin a NEW academic program at Baylor, please click here.

Reinstatement of Status
For students who have fallen out of status and had their SEVIS record terminated, please follow the policies and procedures indicated in this link.

Suspension & Expulsion

Transfer (In & Out)

Travel Authorization


Extend Or Shorten Your Program
This policy describes what actions a student should take if he or she plans to graduate earlier or later than the end date on the I-20.

Termination of SEVIS Record

Document Management

Academic Program Completion

Insufficient Funds

Social Security Number


Post-Baccalaureate Study