Dear Baylor faculty:

We are now known as the Center for Global Engagement because we are concerned not only with teaching and learning, but with broader outreach and service; Baylor is not merely international in the sense of being an American entity relating to other distinct nations but part of a truly globalized economy where knowledge is exchanged across political boundaries for the good of all. Study abroad is a crucial component in Baylor’s desire to engage the world as part of Pro Futuris.

Likewise, Baylor’s extraordinary commitment to faculty-led study abroad is key. In these programs, we seek to personally lead our students beyond the campus to see theory at work in reality, to gain new perspectives provided by distance and even discomfort, and to better understand how culture shapes our values and expectations. For many of our students, a faculty-led program is the first and perhaps only time that they will know what it means to be a stranger in a strange land, that they have a chance to see another culture on its own terms. Even short programs can have a profound impact upon students moving forward with their studies and careers.

CGE, then, takes faculty-led study abroad very seriously. The following information is designed to help you every step of the way to plan and execute the program you direct, uphold safety, remain fiscally sound, and meet institutional, federal, and international regulations. Please let us know how we can better work together to bring our students to the world!