General Information

Baylor students are eligible to study abroad with a GROUP STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM or an EXCHANGE/AFFILIATE PROGRAM. Both types of programs are available in the summer and during the semester, some for a full year. It is possible, and encouraged, to study abroad more than once during a student's Baylor career and students may choose any program that interests them. Each program has a faculty or staff member who oversees the program and will be able to answer any specific questions a student might have (this person being called the "program director").

At Baylor, we offer two different types of programs:


  • Students will travel with other Baylor students and a Baylor professor.
  • Some or all courses are taught by the Baylor professor/s.
  • Group programs can be one semester or one summer session in length (in some cases shorter).


  • Students will travel to a host university independently (note that this does not necessarily mean that the student will be the only Baylor student attending the university for the desired period of time).
  • Courses are taught by the host university's faculty and in English unless noted on the program page.
  • Exchange/affiliate programs can be for a summer sessions, semester, or a full year.

Health & Safety Information

Baylor's first and foremost care for a student's time abroad is that they are safe. In an effort to ensure that every student is prepared for their time abroad, we require that students be enrolled in our blanket international insurance policy and attend a mandatory meeting where we discuss health and safety issues before they leave the country. You can click HERE for more information regarding international insurance coverage and claim information.