Stories of Giving

Stories of Giving

Shalon Evans
I am a Baylor University alum and want to help others join this amazing legacy of academic, spiritual, and personal excellence.

~ Shalon Evans

John Steiger
Cannot say enough good things about my daughter's experience at Baylor. Baylor has given her the direction and motivation to go out into the world and do great things.

~ John Steiger

Mark Dole
Proud to be a Baylor Bear. Proud of my degree in the Army-Baylor Healthcare Administration Program. Also proud to be from a family of Baylor graduates.

~ Mark Dole

Beth Kilpatrick
As we bring a need to God, he meets it, sometimes through perfect strangers, always on time and always in abundance. We feel called to give out of God's generosity to us.

~ Beth Kilpatrick

Sinda Vanderpool
Dr. Susan Colon exemplified the transformational education for which Baylor stands. I make this donation in her honor so that more students can be educated by professors of such caliber.

~ Sinda Vanderpool

William Galvin
Andrea Dixon & Coach Jonathan Capron inspire me every day. Thankful for their leadership and legacy at Baylor as they continue to lead the next generation of leaders at Baylor!

~ William Galvin

Broderick Leaks
My time at Baylor was transformational! I met wonderful people, grew in my faith, and received a great education. Mrs. Beverly was instrumental in my success at Baylor. She has been a true blessing for myself and the multitude of other students that have been blessed to know her!

~ Broderick Leaks

Jinohn Wekesser
I was only able to go to Baylor because I received scholarships, both endowed and private, so I want to always be able to give back to Baylor students who face financial difficulties being able to stay at Baylor for all 4 years.

~ Jinohn Wekesser

Connor Mighell
Baylor's Honors College (and especially their University Scholars program) gave me the rigorous training I needed to prepare for law school, combined with Christ-centered community and relationships that endured far after I left. I'm proud to be a member of that good ol' Baylor Line.

~ Connor Mighell

Dodie Morris
This gift is in memory of Joanna Nelson, a friend whom I met at the Baylor music school many years ago. She spent her life sharing music, love, and laughter. She was a delightful person, and I will miss her.

~ Dodie Morris

Steven Napier
When Baylor reaches out in a time of crisis to ask for help, it's important for those of us who are able to respond with either financial support or contributions of time and other resources.

~ Steven Napier

Modupeola Thomas
I've been meaning to donate since I graduated, but haven't been able to do it until now. I'm thankful for the opportunity I had to attend Baylor. Loved my time there and hope that my donation can impact the experience of another person.

~ Modupeola Thomas

Nancy McEachern
Baylor is leading by example in the way it invests in our greater community as a whole.

~ Nancy McEachern

Morgan Cutright
I am looking forward to giving back to the Pro Sales Program that gave so much to me as a student.

~ Morgan Cutright

Lynne Connery
Proud to be an alumna if Baylor and am hopeful that my niece will also attend as a member of the class of 2026.

~ Lynne Connery

Brazos Licensing and Development
We appreciate the dedication to the community of Waco and the work done on behalf of those in need. With great thanks, Brazos Licensing and Development. With great thanks,

~ Brazos Licensing and Development

Mia O'Neal
Baylor is an institution like none other. I appreciate that in the midst of uncertainty for the University itself, Baylor continues to look to the needs of others while simultaneously tending to the needs of its students.

~ Mia O'Neal

Sharon Barnes
Dr. Mayes was a wonderful individual...inspiring, compassionate, as well as motivating. She always had a kind word of encouragement for me. I just hope my grandchildren find the same spirit at Baylor University WHEN they attend.

~ Sharon Barnes

Misti Maisch
I love the Baylor community and its compassion for the hurting. My family has been so blessed to experience the heart of Baylor. Thank you!

~ Misti Maisch

Karyn Gooden
I had to work about 30 hours a week during college and would have needed this fund to survive. It's only fair to think of others in the same situation now that I can help out.

~ Karyn Gooden

Abel Castro, Jr.
Joining Student Foundation was the best decision I made in undergrad. I feel honored to be able to support an organization which was so formative to my growth.

~ Abel Castro, Jr.

Dr. William Vandiver
Because of the outstanding education and support I received at Baylor I was able to fulfill my dream of becoming a surgeon. I feel an obligation to help fellow Bears in need because I know how critical the completion of their education is to their future.

~ Dr. William Vandiver

Susan Williams
Janet West Miller was a Baylor alumni who loved music and teaching others. She was a member of the Golden Wave Band as well as her daughter, Karon Miller Hammond (Class of '87). Janet Miller's passion for life and music stems from her time at Baylor University. It was a privilege to know her and to honor her memory.

~ Susan Williams

Laurie Nielsen
We appreciate the work that Baylor is doing to help our uniquely prepared nursing students who will be our future line of medical and faith defense against illness and disease . Developing faith based compassionate nurses defines BU's Christian world mission. SIC 'EM BEARS!!

~ Laurie Nielsen