COVID-19 Resources

If you are experiencing a financial emergency related to COVID-19, please contact a Financial Aid Counselor who can provide you with available resources.

Additional COVID-19 Resources

To learn more about Baylor University's response to COVID-19 and the resources in place to support our students, please visit Baylor's coronavirus website.

COVID-19 Student Resources

If you wish to help Baylor students:

Many in the Baylor Family have asked how they can help our students. Gifts made to the President’s Excellence Fund will be directed to help those who are facing great hurdles during this semester due to COVID-19. Should you or someone you know be interested in making a gift to support our students, gifts can be made online.

Make a Gift to Support Baylor Students

I am honored to be able to contribute in her [Dr. Susan Colon] memory and pray that this scholarship continues to bless young Christians pursuing wisdom and knowledge of God across the disciplines…
-Kelsey Sandvall
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