Each year during the Our Baylor Faculty, Staff and Retirees Campaign, we receive many questions about how participation is counted. We hope this list answers those questions so you feel confident as you support Our Baylor.

1. Is there an Our Baylor fund? What does it support?

2. Why should I give to the organization that pays my salary?

3. Do I have to give this semester for my gift to count?

4. What if I renewed my Bear Foundation membership? Does that count?

5. Can I support the Baylor University Staff Endowed Scholarship Fund?

6. I think my department needs support. What's an area that would be impactful?

7. Can I give through payroll deduction?

8. I made a gift. How can I be sure it counted?

9. My spouse made a gift. Does that count?

10. If I made a gift to United Way, does it count?

11. What is the Our Baylor Participation Challenge?

12. How much of my gift will actually go to the area I want to support?

Visit our website to learn more about the Our Baylor campaign or to make your gift. If you have a question that isn't answered, feel free to email us at GiveBU@baylor.edu.

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