Proposal Preparation

Steps to Readiness

The following steps set forth the general routine at Baylor University for preparing and submitting a proposal to a nongovernmental funding organization. In some cases, a sequence of steps is implied or expressed. However, some steps can and should be accomplished concurrently with others. For example, some research into funding entities can be conducted without a project budget, but enough information to establish overall cost is needed to identify and qualify potential sources.

Step 1: Get Early Administrative Concurrence

Step 2: Coordinate Planning and Strategy

Step 3: Prepare a Budget

Step 4: Research

Step 5: Establish a Schedule

Step 6: Get Guidelines and Required Forms and/or Permissions

Step 7: Develop the Proposal Narrative

Step 8: Get Thorough Reviews

Step 9: Get Administrative Approval

Step 10: Work Together to Finalize and Submit Proposal

Please click here for a PDF file with further explanation of the above steps.

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