Bricks and Pavers


The Baylor Family has a rich tradition of leaving their marks on Baylor University. Make your own lasting imprint here or honor a loved one through the purchase of a granite paver or an engraved brick. Engraved bricks are available at the following locations:

Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat

A favorite gathering place for our Baylor family, the Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat is home to our live mascots and is located in the heart of the Baylor campus. Engraved bricks line the walkway around the habitat, which is located at the intersection of Fifth Street and ML Daniel Esplanade.
• Bricks are available for $500

Dutch Schroeder Athletic Plaza

Serving as the main entrance to Baylor Ballpark, the Getterman Softball Complex, the Hurd Tennis Center and the Betty Lou Mays Soccer Field, the Schroeder Athletic Plaza is an ideal spot for Baylor fans to show their pride and their support.
• Bricks are available for $500

Ed Crenshaw Student Foundation Building

Located in the heart of campus, the Ed Crenshaw Student Foundation Building is dedicated to promoting Student Foundation’s mission of serving Baylor through scholarship fundraising, student recruitment and community building. Lining the sidewalk outside this building, which is located on South Fifth Street between Speight Avenue and Bagby Avenue, are the names of former Student Foundation members and those in the Baylor family who support them.
• Bricks are available for $500
• Pavers (16" x 16") are available for $2,500

Lt. Jack Whetsel Jr. Basketball Practice Facility

Show your Baylor pride where the Bears play! The Lt. Jack Whetsel Basketball Practice Facility is attached to the Ferrell Center, on the corner of South University Parks Drive and LaSalle Avenue. The bricks are located on the exterior walkway connecting the Practice Facility’s entrance to the entrance of the Ferrell Center.
• Bricks are available for $500
• Pavers (16" x 16") are available for $5,000
• Pavers (12" x 6") are available for $2,500

Sesquicentennial Walkway

In 1995, Baylor University commemorated the 150th anniversary of the institution’s establishment. To celebrate this incredible milestone, the Sesquicentennial Walkway was established in order to give alumni, parents and friends an opportunity to etch their names into the history of this beloved university. Since then, the walkway has come to be a physical representation of That Good Old Baylor Line. The Walkway is located in the Burleson Quadrangle in the heart of the oldest part of campus.
• Bricks are available for $500

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Please note: Bricks and Pavers are installed four times per year.

For questions, please contact:
Angie Rager
800-229-5678 (option 4)
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