Endowed Scholarship Society

The Scholarship Hall of Honor

Baylor values the generous donors who have created scholarship funds and those who will do so in the future. When each scholarship fund reaches $100,000, the university recognizes the named scholarship with a bronze plaque that is displayed on campus, and a matching plaque is presented to you or the honoree in appreciation for your invaluable support.

The Scholarship Society

When your cumulative gifts to scholarship funds reach $50,000, you will be inducted into the distinguished Baylor University Scholarship Society and be recognized at the Director's Circle level.

As your cumulative gifts to scholarship funds increase, you will be recognized at various funding levels with the Scholarship Society medallions. When your gifts to scholarships reach $250,000 or more, you will become a member of the prestigious Golden Bear Circle of the Scholarship Society.

For questions about recognition or more information on establishing a scholarship at Baylor, contact Will Simmons, Director of the Student Endowment Program at 1-800-229-5678, option 4.

I went back to school to study sociology and social psychology to the level of PhD and spent my thirty-five-year career teaching sociology at the college level. I have Baylor to thank…
-Charles McGehee
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