From Our Donors: Kelsey Sandvall

Dr. Susan Colon was one of my first professors at Baylor, and was the only female professor I had my first semester. She introduced me to a world of seeing God and thinking about truth and goodness through literature, and she spoke to me with candor and compassion in ways that shaped my academic and career paths, as well as my personal growth. Dr. Colon demonstrated to me how one could be many things to the glory of God: woman, wife, mother, daughter, friend, professional, academic. My formation as a mother, a reader, a writer, and as a Christian owe much to her mentorship over the four years that I knew her. I my memory, her defining characteristics are her warmth and her broad, contagious smile. Whether I was sitting across from her desk talking over a term paper, sitting with her in Memorial Dining Hall sharing lunch, sitting next to her and her family in worship at Dayspring Baptist Church, or sitting at her dining table for Easter Sunday, I sat secure and safe in the presence of a woman who extended generous hospitality of both space and presence out of the wellspring of Christian love that defined her life. I am honored to be able to contribute in her memory and pray that this scholarship continues to bless young Christians pursuing wisdom and knowledge of God across the disciplines.
-Kelsey Sandvall