Watch the Dedication Ceremony and Summit

On September 25, 2015, Baylor University dedicated the Paul L. Foster Campus for Leadership and Innovation—the new home of the Hankamer School of Business. The daylong celebration began with the dedication ceremony, then continued with the 2015 Leadership and Innovation Summit where leading voices in technology, energy and health care participated in three Q&A forums that addressed challenged faced by their industries and what the future holds.

Dedication Ceremony

2015 Leadership+Innovation Summit

Technology Forum
Advancements in technology constantly change the landscape of even today’s tech savvy world. Hear leading industry experts share insight into the technologies that will shape our future.
Industry experts: Facilitator:
  • Rick Welday President, AdWorks, AT&T Entertainment and Information Services, AT&T Services, Inc.

Energy Forum
A dependence on affordable energy to run our homes, transportation and businesses keeps America’s energy supply in the media spotlight. These seasoned energy professionals discuss the future of traditional and alternative sources of energy on the forefront of discovery.
Industry experts:
  • Paul Foster Chairman of the Board and Executive Chairman, Western Refining
  • Mark McCollum Executive Vice President and Chief Integration Officer, Halliburton
  • Bob Simpson Co-founder, XTO

Healthcare Forum
Intersecting pressures of regulatory, economic, financial and provider trends are transforming healthcare delivery. Learn how these renowned healthcare leaders view the future of their industry and plan for success.
Industry experts: Facilitator:
  • Ed Trevathan Executive Vice President and Provost, Baylor University