Why I Give: Donor Testimonials

I was a struggling Baylor student just a few years ago. I'm blessed now as a first generation Latina to be able to give back and plan to give more in the future.

-Mayra, Class of 2013

I received need based scholarships during my time at Baylor, so this seems like an excellent opportunity to pay it forward to help those in need.

-Andrea, Class of 2008

I continue to be thankful for the Christian atmosphere and academic focus at Baylor that I received in the 1970s and is apparent to this day.

-Connie, Class of 1976

I'll always remember the support I got from friends, classmates and faculty during my time at Baylor. Their kindness is what truly enriched my Baylor experience. So I'll pave the way forward for other students to show my appreciation.


Wanted to show our support of Baylor's commitment to student well being and excellence by meeting their financial needs in this most challenging time. Sic 'Em.

-Lester and Bridget

This gift is given to support our Baylor students who are experiencing extraordinary needs during the pandemic. I hope and pray that this gift helps our students get through this period of difficulty and that it encourages others to demonstrate the compassion and caring for which the Baylor community is known. Sic 'Em.