Hord Scholarship Challenge

Hord Scholarship Challenge

The Hord Scholarship Challenge calls upon the Baylor Family to give $30 million in scholarship support for Baylor students.

Born out of a desire to meet one of the University's greatest needs, Dan (BBA '89) and Jenni (BBA '92) Hord took the opportunity to use their own giving as a way to inspire others. Together, they believe the Baylor Family can match their giving and build invaluable support for future Baylor students.

Jenni and Dan Hord

The Hord family's decision to provide such transformational support for Baylor and scholarships came about as they learned about the funding challenges many students face in coming to Baylor. Currently, more than 90 percent of Baylor undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid, whether from scholarship support, federal loans or private grants.

For some students, having the right grades and accomplishments on their transcript may not be enough to bridge the divide between their financial aid offer from Baylor and their total financial need.

Scholarships funded through the Hord Scholarship Challenge will be paired with University merit-based scholarships, extending scholarship support to students who have demonstrated academic success in high school.

Hord Challenge Scholarships will empower the University to attract and retain students with the following qualifications:

  • Graduated with competitive high school rankings;
  • Earned exceptional scores on standardized tests;
  • Received merit-based scholarships (Academic awards) from Baylor based on high school ranking and standardized test scores; and
  • Have outstanding, unmet (and inhibiting) financial need.